About Veteran Films

Learn about Veteran Films - what is our aim?

Arguably, Film is a powerful medium to create, tell stories and put ideas out into the world. Film making can be a very powerful cathartic process for individuals who suffer from physical or mental health issues.

Now, more than ever before, it has become easier to allow others creativity to emerge and be shared through digital media.

Our main aim is to bring to life veterans’ stories whilst showcasing their artistic talent through compelling, moving, sometimes disturbing and funny stories. We want to facilitate a greater opportunity to understand the lives of our veterans and their families, their struggles and successes.

We want to share their stories that are harrowing, disturbing or inspiring; stories that show us a side of the human condition that so many of us will never see or experience – all through the medium of film.

If you feel this is something that could help you then please take a look at our projects and email us here for a referral.