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Veterans Film Festival A Big Hit

UK International Veterans Film Festival NewAs a charity, we at Veteran Films – the curators of the UK International Veterans’ Film Festival – want to help veterans on their road to recovery and to tell their stories. We are not looking for a cure, as with all mental illnesses there is no cure, but we are trying to provide coping methods to enable the daunting task of returning to a civilian life after service a little easier.

We were blessed to have local MP Mark Williams and the Mayor of Aberystwyth Brendon Sommers at both our opening and closing ceremonies. All were struck by the power that the film ‘Kajaki’ holds in its demonstration of the reality of war. And each showed their gratitude to the creation of the festival and explained how necessary it is to, not just the community of Ceredigion, but to everyone to understand exactly what it is that a servicemen and women undertake. Although we were astounded by the level of response we had to the festival, and very grateful to those who came to show their support, we need more!

We invited every Armed Forces Champion across Wales and those AM’s connected to Veterans in the Welsh Assembly yet they all failed to attend the ONLY event of its kind in the country. They missed out on an exciting weekend that allowed us to think outside the box, looking at innovative ways for using media, film and the arts to support our Veterans.

We cannot grow without the acknowledgment and support of the local Armed Forces Champions, the Armed Forces Covenant, everyone and everybody who is associated with working with veteran’s.

All we are asking is they spare a weekend next year to come along and discover what it is that we can offer the Veterans. If a weekend is too much, then simply just a day or perhaps a single showcase but we think that the message that our festival has is truly valuable and all those who came along could not help but agree.


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