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A story about a veteran, PTSD, and his struggle to find help.

Director Jon Mabee (M.F.A., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale) teaches courses on media production, theory, and analysis at St. Louis University in St. Louis Missouri. Having served in the U.S. Navy during the start of the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, his work and research have primarily focused on veterans issues like: PTSD, veteran suicide, and the inadequate veterans healthcare system.





All’s Well explores the aftermath of war, and the difficulties a soldier faces in adjusting to civilian existence. We follow Joe, a private in the parachute regiment, as he returns from his last excursion in Afghanistan. He comes back to an empty home and a meaningless life. His last excursion to Afghanistan was his third, and gradually his civilian life has become vacant.


Director Christian Kinde: Worked professionally as an actor for the last 2 years, he trained at Drama Centre (graduate 2012 alumni include Fassbender, Hardy &Firth). He earned a BA in English and Fine Art from the University of Newcastle.


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A short film noir about two soldiers trying to overcome their haunted past.

Director Riley Robbins: Film is about making an emotional connection. It’s about falling in love with the way people move, the way they speak or touch. He finds that raw feeling in their dance, their words and looks, and he delivers that in its purest form.

Robbins’ unique perspective has enabled him, in just a few years of moving to Los Angeles, to produce for some of the biggest names in our times. Aside from Pepsi and H&M, he has also worked with Pharrell Williams, Karl Lagerfeld, and Kevin Durant.



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Hidden Heroes is an award winning short film, that honours the bravery of and sacrifices made by WWI soldiers from the Indian sub-continent on behalf of the British War effort from 1914-18.

It was created by members of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets ‘A Team Arts – House of Talent Group, who worked with film-maker Nigel Kellaway to create the film.





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In World War 1, two sappers mine under the German lines laying mines. One of them causes explosions of a very different kind 




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The story of misplaced conceptions within the modern society. A young girl befriends two homeless ex-soldiers and builds a once forgotten friendship of human interaction, all it takes is one act of kindness to make them feel normal again.

Director Andy Turner (Andy Blithe - acting name) is an English Actor/Producer/Director who originates from Chesterfield in Derbyshire. Andy became involved in the filming process in his early 40's after careers that included the RAF, a Police Officer and self-employment in media. His experience of life and his ability to organise and bring the best out in people is evident in his work. He has a BSc. In Computer Science and is currently completing his Masters in Film and TV Production.



Mi e Ti



Mi E Ti is the story of an Italian soldier, set during the World War I. Dispersed after an assault that turns out to be a massacre, he takes refuge in a forest and gets lost. He starts a journey that leads him to get rid of his clothes and everything that defines being a soldier; what remains is a man that want to leave the horrors of war behind him and return to home.

Director Samuele Gottardello Born in Italy in 1972, lives in Venice (Italy). From the first 90s he played and toured with several bands.  Began his career as an independent filmmaker producing videoclips and documentaries for the italian diy/punk/rock'n'roll scene of the 2000s. Works as freelance director, editor and motion graphic designer for various commercials and corporate videos production companies. Keeps filmmaking courses in private schools.






Aaron, a United States Marine, is eager to return home. However, the world he comes back to feels strange and unfamiliar. Many of his relationships with his friends and family have become 
strained or distant. Now, Aaron must work to rebuild those friendships and to once again feel comfortable.

Director Alexander Collins is a writer/director living in Los Angeles. He has recently received a MFA in directing at the American Film Institute. His film, GUILT, was the 1st Place Winner of the California Independent Film Festivals Iron Filmmaker 2012 where it was awarded Best Performance and nominated 
for Best Cinematography.

Short's Showcase Two


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The story of Martin Hamet, an ordinary mechanic and vetran of the Northern Ireland conflict. When Martin receives news that an old friend from the army has taken his own life due to trauma received from the troubles. Old wounds open, and the memories Martin has spent twenty years trying to forget soon begin to surface. From the safety of the present day to the trouble torn streets of 1992 Belfast. We follow Martin as he tries to piece his fractured past back together.

Director Daniel Johnstone





A Marine comes back to take care of some unfinished business for a fallen Comrade.

Directed by Christopher Dinnan I have been writing and directing since 1996. From 2002-2012 I took a break from creative filmmaking in order to concentrate on corporate clients and raise a family. Happy to report that I am back with a 'cinematic vengeance' and looking forward to bringing some great stories from WAY outside the Hollywood system. 




Based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethes "Osterspaziergang" Ramble takes us on a romantic journey through nature, but sometimes we crave paradies so much that we lose track of reality. The light of the sun is not always beautiful. It can as well be dazzling, so we know there is no place for us in paradies.

Director Andreas Ramm was born 1985 in Malchin, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania (former German Democratic Republic). After high school and different jobs in different industries, all of which have nothing to do with the medium of film - since 2011 Study of Film Studies and audiovisual publishing at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mai



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A suspicious looking Black man in a hoodie carries a little girl into a Men’s pub toilet cubicle. He covers her face. Something’s wrong. 

Director Elsa O’Toole (BAFTA) (LONDON FILM CRITIC'S CIRCLE) (Bristol Old Vic Theatre School’ trained actor, BBC TV producer, film journalist, BFI script reader) As an actor Elsa collaborated with Ridley Scott, Gene Hackman, David Hare & Bill Nighy, shot comedy The Geeks in Hollywood; seasons @ Royal National Theatre, West End, 40+ TV dramas, films & adverts and won Carleton Hobbs BBC Radio Award.






It's World War III. A grand father is on the road with his grand-son. What can he do to save him?

Director Chloé Hetzel is a swiss-born aspiring cinematographer and graduated with a Diploma of Screen and media from Sydney Film School in 2014. Throughout the Diploma of screen and media, Chloé has directed one short documentary, "Snitch me if you can"  and a successful short film called  "At the End of the Road" Screened at the Awards Night of the Sydney Film School Festival




A drone pilot must choose between following orders and following his humanity

Director Joann Wong



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The story of a Great War veteran and the day he receives his war medals, forcing him to face his past.

Director Mark Burriss



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A U. S. Marine deals with post tramatic stress disorder and makes a life altering choice.

Director Enrique Rico Diaz retired as a Captain from the United States Marine Corps and earned a combat action ribbon while serving with a special operations unit. During his service, Rico earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology from New York Regent's College and a Master's degree from Webster University. Although a Texas native, Rico settled in Murrieta, California after his release from active duty.

Short's Showcase Three


Fighting a battle no one seems to win Harry Barnes suffers from PTSD and struggles to contain his demons.

Director Robbie Buckley




THE SPACE is the story of rookie soldier “Briggsy” who finds solace from the trauma and subsequent grief of his first night sortie in Afghanistan.

Director Edward Hicks is currently Head of Film, TV and Radio at RADA a post supported by Warner Brothers (UK) where he combines his directing and teaching experience to train and direct the next generation of actors and technicians for the Screen.





Sins from the past come back to haunt a young couple, as a soldier armed only with a mysterious red box visits the woman he left the day he went to war.

Director Ben Reid began his career making documentaries involving sensitive subject matter, often filmed in challenging environments. He made BAFTA, RTS, Grierson nominated programmes across five continents for the world’s leading broadcasters including the BBC, NBC, Channel 5(UK) National Geographic, Channel 4(UK) and the Discovery Channel. He is now embarking into the world of film, taking with me the documentary skills and techniques he has honed over a decade of experience.




Two men meet for a dangerous transaction in a disturbingly ordinary setting. After a tense deal, the price is finally paid... not only by the purchaser, but by an innocent and very unsuspecting individual.

Director Quinn Pohl  is a graduate of the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Quinn is a professional film and video producer currently working with an international NGO, producing films with a strong humanitarian emphasis. An editing specialist, Quinn has honed his sense of storytelling through working on dramas, documentaries and independent feature film.




A story of war, fear, courage and leadership from the First World War front line when the survival of the last of a platoon of soldiers who reach the enemy trenches depends on their messenger pigeons.

Director Evy Barry has worked in television for over 10 years making ground breaking factual documentaries, including several award nominated human interest stories. Visually inspired by being a self-shooter and always excited by working with contributors, she did the 'From Documentary to Drama' course at the NFTS and enjoyed working with actors so much, she is now making short dramas and has ambitions to make features.





Two American veterans of the war in Afghanistan meet for the first time since a tragic ambush that decimated the lives of all involved. It is a story of guilt, addiction, post-traumatic stress, and the price some will pay for forgiveness.

Director Jamie Boot was born on Long Island, New York. Jamie attended Stony Brook University from 1998-2001 receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Cinema and Cultural Studies. In 2004 Jamie joined the United States Army. He deployed to Iraq 2005-2006 and 2008-2009. He also deployed to Afghanistan 2011-20012. He left the Army in 2014 and is currently a student at the Digital Film Academy




France, 1940. Based on a true story. At Dawn follows WW2 British Royal Engineer Michael Nash who is caught in enemy gunfire whilst out in the field. Leaving his tools he flees for his life into the cover of a neighbouring forest. When suddenly the floor gives way and Michael is plunged into the heart of a disused enemy trench. When he wakes he finds himself face to face with a lone armed German solider.

Director Ollie Wolf was a writer in adverting for the past 9 years creating work for the likes of Nike, Honda, Coke before making his leap into directing. “At Dawn” is Ollie’s first short film and the experience has left him keen to continue writing and directing.




When an American soldier during WWⅡ is captured by a young German soldier, he is offered a unique chance to escape when the Nazi captor steps on a landmine that will explode if he steps off.

Director Yifan Xiao





TOO MANY GHOSTS is a fictionalised commentary on the folly of war set in Europe between the last five days of the Second World War and a few days after the end of hostilities.

Director IAN WOODWARD appears regularly on the BBC as presenter of Radio 2’s Jazz in Britain from the stage of London’s Camden Theatre, BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and other BBC shows.