Veterans Oral History Project

Helping Veterans Tell Their Stories

Veteran Films is pleased to be partnering with Aberystwyth University to run a pilot scheme called the Veterans Oral History Project which will focus on veterans of a specific contemporary conflict. Our objective is to collect and preserve the personal accounts of recent-war veterans and make them accessible to all via an online library of filmed interviews, so that future generations may hear directly from those who served and hopefully be able to better understand the realities of war.

The Oral History Project is a venture undertaken by our veterans, who as an integral part of the project are learning and developing the skills required to produce short films.  The veterans develop at different speeds and skills, but work as a team to produce the interviews you are going to see. Naturally, as their skills develop and confidence grows, we hope the viewer will notice a change in the quality of films as the project progresses.

There are currently nine completed films which may be viewed here or accessed and downloaded for free from 

It is important to emphasize that the project will be heavily focused on veteran volunteers serving in various capacities, for example as trainers, interviewers and interviewees. More specifically, the project aims to train four veterans to interview ten veterans that have been involved in a contemporary conflict.

Disclaimer: The following films MAY contain graphic descriptions of traumatic events experienced by the veterans.  At times moving and still images of combat operations are used to enhance viewer understanding of the content. The viewer is strongly advised to consider their own experiences and the effect listening to other veterans accounts of traumatic events, MAY have on their own mental well being.
Parents are advised to limit the viewing of the material to over 18's only. The films MAY contain flickering images.



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